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19 octubre 2015

The students in the upper grades (5-6 at TES) are continuing their work with the verbs ser/estar, both meaning “to be.” On Monday we are compiling lists of adjectives that can be used to describe a person. We are breaking them into different categories (personality traits, physical traits, nationalities, occupations, state of being, emotions). We will be doing this by using a couple of useful online resources: and While Wikipedia can be hit or miss on the factual information, it can be a very useful tool for translating proper nouns like city names. To do this, I recommend that you type in the name in English in the Wikipedia search, then on the left hand side if using a computer, and on the bottom if using a mobile device, you will see either other languages listed, or a button “read in other languages.” By choosing the target language you will see the name of the person place or thing in your target language!


Primeras semanas de octubre

In the younger grades we are reading books, learning how to introduce ourselves, colors, shapes, sizes, numbers and other basics. Have your kids shared this with you? Resources can be found in the different sections of this page.

In 3-4 we are talking about body parts, and the verb “tener” meaning “to have.” We have been learning how to say things like “I have ten fingers,” “I have two big brown eyes,” or “I don’t have three long purple tails.” The expectation is sentences like the first one, but to encourage further learning, we are also looking at the last two types of sentences. In the next couple of weeks the students will start working on projects to show what they’ve learned.

In 5-6 we have been talking about one of the most difficult things in Spanish, the verb “to be.” In Spanish there are two verbs for this, “ser” and “estar.” We’ve been discussing when you use each verb, and how to conjugate them, making this a challenging unit. In the next couple of weeks we will be starting to write skits to show what we’ve learned so far.